Embarrassed By Your Weight Loss Surgery Results? Here’s What To Do

WOW what a gastric bypass transformation!

After hearing my doctor tell me that I was about to have a stroke, it was like the world stopped spinning. It was like the scene in an old western where the stranger walks into a bar and the record scratches, the people stop eating and the beer stops flowing. I couldn’t believe the words…

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Superfood Bypass Smoothie

bypass smoothie

The Superfood Bypass Surgery Smoothie Many people struggle with deciding what to put in their smoothies after bypass surgery. This smoothie is packed with great superfoods to make sure that you are not only full but that you are getting the most out of what you are putting in your body. Weight loss surgery isn’t…

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How to be Happier: 14 ways to cultivate contentment

How To Be Happier: 14 ways to cultivate contentment

We all strive for happiness and a sense of joy in life. Goal setting for certain achievements such as education, marriage, family and social/financial status give people a false sense of security because these things don’t really make you happy. So we go in search to find out “How To Be Happier”. In reality, a…

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12 Days of Paleo Christmas Desserts

12 days of Christmas Paleo Recipes

Paleo Christmas Desserts! One of my favorite things about the holiday season is all of the yummy treats. I had the opportunity to team up with some amazing real-food bloggers to bring you some ultra-yummy paleo Christmas desserts. Click the links below to grab these holiday treats. Be sure to come back and let me…

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Flourless Minted Chocolate Cake

minted flourless chocolate cake

I’m participating in a super fun Paleo 12 Days of Christmas! I wanted to pull out something extra special so I whipped up this deliciously rich flourless minted chocolate cake. Serve this with raw whipped cream and you’ll have a Christmas party in your mouth — so good! This is also a great and easy make-ahead…

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5 Little Known Ways to Support Your Gallbladder

gallbladder paleo diet

Support Your Gallbladder    The gallbladder concentrates and stores bile produced by the liver. Along with the enzyme lipase (secreted by the pancreas) it helps to emulsify and digest the fat that you eat. Bile is essential for the absorption of fat soluble vitamins like A,D,E and K. Bile not only helps to break down…

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Gluten Free Gyro Meat

gluten free gyro meat (and tzatziki sauce)

  Growing up in northern Illinois afforded me the privilege of eating at some very delicious ethnic holes-in-the wall. One of them was Nick’s. Nick’s was known for their gyros. Soft warm bread filled with tender lamb then topped with red onion and tangy tzatziki sauce. Biting into one of those brings back fond memories…

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Clean Seasoning Salt

Clean Seasoned Salt | Gluten-Free, Paleo

In my hunt to find seasonings without useless fillers I almost always came up empty. When I did find something, it was almost always priced outrageously. All I really wanted was to find a clean seasoning salt. One without corn meal, corn starch, flour, wheat, processed sugar, silicone dioxide, or anything else that I couldn’t…

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December Menu Plan (Paleo / Gluten Free)

Paleo/ Gluten-free MONTH of Meals - December | www.lvlhealth.com

  Paleo / Gluten Free Menu Plan Happy Holidays!! This year has gone by so quickly! It seems that I was just welcoming the new year and now here I am again – about to welcome another year. I do hope that you’ll enjoy this month’s menu plan. Just like the others, this one is completely…

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How To Stop Shame From Stopping Your Success

Shame Stunts Success I guess I should warn you that I am writing this post from a place of emotion but  I want to be sure to preface it with some history. I started this whole-food journey AFTER I had gastric bypass surgery (and regained weight). Yep. I said it. Rule number 1: Shame can’t…

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